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Powerful Anti-Ageing Therapy

Epionce® has a specific and unique mechanism that permeates your skin barrier, reaches targeted cells and prevents and repairs damage while maintaining barrier strength.

Skin Barrier Repair

The strength and health of your skin barrier are the major determining factors in the long term vitality and beauty of your skin. This barrier helps fight the environmental damage. Epionce® products are designed to rapidly regenerate your skin’s natural healing process, improving hydration and strengthening the skin barrier.

Controlling Skin Inflammation

Epionce® products help stop the chronic damage, prevent signs of skin ageing and problem skin conditions by helping to block chronic inflammatory factors.

The Epionce® 5 Phase System

Phase 01: Cleanse

Remove impurities, environmental irritants, and makeup without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier. There are 3 cleansers to choose from, each one is designed to work specifically for your skin type.

Phase 02: Prepare

Clarifier and toner thoroughly prepare the skin by removing traces of dirt, oil and makeup that can clog the pores. Your skin is refreshed, moisture is restored and your skin’s pH is balanced.

Phase 03: Treat

Lytic Lotions reduce imperfections, uneven texture, clogged pores, dead skin cells, dry patches and signs of ageing. Featuring the patent pending EpiATM and EpiKTM Complexes, Lytic Lotions thoroughly penetrate the skin to help clear blemishes while reducing redness and chronic inflammation.

Phase 04: Renew and Fortify

Renewal products deeply penetrate skin layers and stimulate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Featuring products formulated with patent-pending EpiATM and EpiBTM Complexes, the Renewal products also improve hydration, strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent damaging inflammation.

Phase 05: Protect

Active Shield Lotion is specifically formulated to help block damaging UVA/UVB exposure with a broad spectrum, quick- absorbing sheer sunscreen lotion. This product helps avoid the damage caused by environmental factors responsible for visible signs of skin ageing.

Natural Ingredients

Epionce® delivers a powerful combination of botanical ingredients, patent-pending formulas and a 5 phase skincare system. The products contain a rich source of super antioxidants, key omega-3-anti-inflammatory agents and natural peptides all of which form scientifically proven complexes that create a cumulative effect on the skin by restoring its health.

Epionce® products are paraben free and are suitable for every skin from sensitive to problematicto mature.

Scientifically Developed and Clinically Proven

Epionce® products are rooted in hard science and are not an overreaction to the trends in the cosmetic industry. The professionals behind Epionce® believe it is their ethical obligation to prove that their products are effective and safe. All Epionce® clinical studies are performed by nationally recognised independent researchers and adhere to the high standard of controlled double-blind studies using the finished consumer ready product.

Appearance of fine lines Reduced by 38%
Appearance of wrinkles Reduced by 33%
Skin tactile roughness Reduced by 64%
Skin elasticity Increased by 21%
Sun spots (hyper-pigmentation) Reduced by 34%
Skin clarity and radiance Improved by 91%
Sun sensitivity (tolerance) Improved by 64%
Pre-malignant Keratoses Visibly resolved

Clinical improvement documented by a leading independent laboratory after a panel of volunteers used a Renewal Facial Product twice daily for 12 weeks.



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