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Skin Peels

What are skin peels?

Facial peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by the use of chemical products.

A range of different formulations are available depending upon the desired effect and the skin type being treated. Peels are classified as light, medium or deep dependent on the depth to which the skin is treated.

  • Light peel – Easy Phytic Solution
  • Medium peels – Easy TCA and Unideep
  • Deep peels -Lip and Eyelid peel and Only Touch peel

Light Peel – Easy Phytic Solution

This is a slow-release, superficial peel designed to give skin a new glow with no visible flaking. Easy Phytic evens out the complexion, has a moderate tightening effect and can help to erase acne marks when used as a series.

For optimum results, on the evening after treatment, the skin must not be washed and the product should be kept on until the following morning. The next morning, skin can then be cleansed as usual. Following treatment, Skin Tech care creams should be applied as recommended. Skin should also be protected from the sun with SPF 50+.

Medium peels – Easy TCA

This is a highly effective medium peel to treat fine lines, discolouration and acne, it is also well tolerated by the skin. The peel is applied in four, once weekly sessions, there is minimal downtime and patients can continue daily activities as normal. The face will feel tight on the initial two days following the peel and will noticeably flake on the third and fourth day.

The treated area should not be cleaned on the evening of the peel and the post-peel cream applied by the practitioner must be kept on until the following day. The face can be cleansed the next day and the Skin Tech daily care cream recommended should be applied. The more the skin is moisturised, the more readily it will flake, and results will be better too. Following an Easy TCA peel, skin must be protected from the sun with a SPF 50+.

Deep peels:

Lip and Eyelid Formula

This is a deep peel for those with deep wrinkles around the eyelids and lips. This peel has a limited number of indications and only your practitioner can judge if you need it or not. There is a downtime of around eight days when social life is impossible because of facial swelling and scabbing.
Lip and eyelid formula is always carried out in combination with either a Unideep or TCA peel.
Strict contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent), herpes.

Only Touch

This is a deep peel which is used to treat age and sun spots and benign, localized keratoses on the face and body. The marks must be no more than 1cm in diameter. Treatment with an Only Touch skin peel should always be followed by an Easy TCA Peel to ensure even results.


The treated areas should not be cleansed until the following day and the Skin Tech care creams should be applied as advised. A few days following the peel, it is perfectly normal for scabs to form. These should heal within 10 days and must not be picked or scratched. The treated area should also be kept well hydrated as advised.

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